Welcome Home

August 16, 2018

For quite some time, EmoTracker has lived exclusively on Discord. Discord isn’t going away - far from it - but as the userbase has continued to grow and more people try to find it, it’s become clear that we need a proper home on the internet.

That home is https://emotracker.net

For the last week, I’ve been getting this site ready, along with its sister site (check out that Documentation link at the top; it’s a work in progress, so stay tuned). This site is located on substantially better hosting that will hopefully last a long, long time.

In the coming weeks, expect to see an update to EmoTracker. In addition to some cool new feature updates, both for end-users and developers, it will also complete the process of migrating the server side of EmoTracker to the new hosting. This includes auto-update, package distribution, etc. You shouldn’t actually notice anything different, but jsut in case, always remember to check the Discord if you need help.