EmoTracker v2.2 Release Notes

January 20, 2019

EmoTracker 2.2 has just been released! As always, your tracker will automatically prompt you to install it the next time you start it, or you can find “Check For Updates” in the gear menu!

Read on for the details on what’s included!

Notes!!! (Beta)

Version 2.2 brings beta support for taking flexible notes on locations! Notes can contain markdown-formatted text, as well as capture items. This can be done on ANY location, regardless of whether or not it has a “visibly checkable” spot. This will hopefully be a big help for those of you playing randomizers with lots of hintable locations (cough, zootr).

You can access the notes on a location by clicking the new note icon in their title bar (next to the pin icon).

note icon screenshot

In addition to capturing items, notes can contain Markdown text! The following markdown tags are supported:

  • Headings (1-3) #, ##, ###
  • Bold **
  • Italic *
  • Block Quote >

note example screenshot

Support for more markdown tags will be added in the future.

A few minor things…

  • In order to facilitate quickly accessing currently hidden locations, holding shift will now (in most situations) display all locations, regardless of accessibility.
  • Locations with notes attached are badged on the map to make them more obvious. In the future, this badge system will be opened up to pack developers.

note badge screenshot

NDI® Changes

2.2 upgrades our NDI® library to version 3.8, which offers some minor performance improvements.

Some users have expressed a desire to output NDI® at a higher resolution, and downscale in OBS. The most flexible way to do this is with layout overrides, but for anybody who would like an easy solution that does not change the size of your broadcast view, a new setting has been added to application_settings.json.

Set ndi_output_scale to any integer value greater than 1, and the NDI® output stream will be scaled by that multiple.

For more help with customization, see #customization-support in the Discord.